Arma 3 - Newsletter

Building messages into a game is not as easy as it sounds! However, we also offer an alternative for making the game more interesting.

With the ARMA III - Newsletter system it is possible to revive your Life Server and to inform your teammates about events at the right time. In addition, the newsletter system offers a nice user interface that makes it pleasant to read a "newspaper".

Arma 3 - Newsletter

The corresponding GUI and design is the same as a real magazine, but the content is limited to a certain number of characters. Nevertheless, this script is a change to the general messages that can be called at most via shoutbox and are not permanent.

This newspaper can be purchased by any player at a newsletter site and will survive until the article is changed. Players with the rights to the Newsletter Edit can be set so that unnecessary messages do not appear on the server. Due to the simple nature of the GUI, it is possible for anyone to make a clear article.

Recessions show that this system likes to be seen on servers and can also be adapted with minor changes and adapted for individual use. The Minority Team is also interested in your recession and therefore offers a sector in the forum under its own category to comment on this script.